California Air Tools CAT-10020 Steel Tank Air Compressor Review

California air tools CAT -1020D ultra quiet and oil free 2.0 hp 10 gallon steel tank

As its name suggests, the California Air Tools 10020 Ultra Quiet air compressor lives up to its aim of being one of the quietest air compressors on the market today. It delivers only 70 decibels of sound and runs with a 2.0 HP capacity. The manufacturer claim that the motor functions at a mere 1680 RPM generating less sound and less corrosion. Continuity and greater operation is brought to you by the superior engineering of the Oil-Free Dual Piston pump system. The 10 gallon air tank is large and fills up quicker than your expectation. Don’t think it is immovable. The built in wheels take it wherever you want. The advantage of the oil-free pump is low maintenance as well as the freedom to use it under varying temperature and surfaces. If you dislike noisy pumps, CAT10020 should be your choice as it is heavy-duty, portable and almost noiseless.


  • At first the 10.0 gallon steel air tank might seem daunting, however with built-in wheels is easy to more around. Moreover it can fill up within a span of 130 seconds from zero to full capacity.
  • The CAT10020 comes with 2 – 1/4” connectors (easy to release) giving you the opportunity to use up to 2 machines at a given time.
  • If you want to use bigger tools, CAT10020 allows you that as well. It produces 5.30 CFM @ 90 PSI giving it a heavy-duty performance.
  • No special power outlet is required for this unit as it can operate out of a 15amp one, since it uses only only14.0 amps power.


  • 2 HP motor is a standard one for air compressors and powerful.
  • Only 70db sound is produced which makes it “ultra quiet”
  • Minimal after care and reduced cost for maintenance is made possible by the Oil-Free Pump design.
  • 0 Gallon air tank made of steel comes with wheels for greater mobility
  • Apparently it may seem that this machine requires lot of effort to get it started. However, the Easy Start Valve minimizes your effort and draws on 14 amps saving your electric bill
  • Produces 5.30 CFM @90 PSI allowing you to use more tools
  • 1 year warranty


  • Although it is heavy and large, the center of gravity is low and has a smaller footprint making it easy to move and store.
  • The compressor is heavy duty with dual piston technology powered by the 2 HP motor.
  • This heavy duty machine easily uses a 15amp normal 3 prong outlet as it draw around 14 amp.
  • There are 2 optional unused ¼” NPT outlets which gives the freedom of future expansion.
  • Wheels assist in moving it aroundCons:
  • Although wheels help in mobility of this unit, it also causes rub against the fixture it is attached to and can corrode over time.
  • The price range for this product is close to $500 which can be out of reach for many customers.
  • The tube from tank switch to the gauge is only ¼” thick and made of plastic. Some may want a higher flow for which they have to use a different tube on their own.


The customers who bought it through Amazon, 75% of them has give it more than 3 stars. The easy use of a 15amp power outlet has made many customers happy. The oil free mechanism is low maintenance and reduces noise which is preferred by most customers these days. The sheer capacity of a 10 gallon tank and its fast filling gives the CAT10020 a high performance. Easy to move about, the wheels might wear on the bracket, however, a local remedial can take care of that issue making the unit near perfect. However, if anyone wants a high powered motor, ironically, it is available at a lower price than this unit, which makes it compete against quite a few other air compressors in the market.

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