California Air Tools CAT-6310 Air Compressor Review

California Air Tools CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 1.0 Hp

Can there be any quieter air compressor in the industry than the CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 6310 Ultra Quiet? – Possibly no. With just 60 decibel of noise, this new product is super quite giving you the peace of mind at workplace so that all you need to do is focus in your work. Even a general conversation has a decibel of 65 decibel – it’s quieter than that. Less noise not only means peaceful environment, it also means less wear on the motor. The 1 HP powerful motor runs at 1680 RPM. More life and efficiency is expected of the pump as it is lubrication free. It is also a Dual Piston Pump. Wheels are added to the 6.3 gallon tank making is easy to move around. The important aspect for a durable air compressor is getting rid of the moisture; an in-built water trap solves that problem easily. Anyone with an already noisy jobsite would love this unit.


  • Going by the name, the biggest feature of this unit is the noiselessness. However please don’t mistake it with being silent. There will be the sound of a running motor’ but compared to other units in industry it is definitely one of the quietest.
  • The 1 HP motor is oil free which means low maintenance and less hassle.
  • The lubricant free pump can also be used under different temperatures and uneven surface.
  • The big tank of 6.3 gallon capacity is easy to move around, thanks to its big wheels.
  • Most air compressor owners have the issue of condensation which is easily addressed here with the built in water trap.


  • This product is not just quiet but lighter too. Weighing around 50 pounds, it is lighter than a female Rottweiler.
  • It has a dimension of 23.6 by 13.3 by 24 inches making it a good choice for small size jobsite as well
  • CAT6310 is electrically powered using only 110 Volt. (another low in comparison to other products)
  • This “ultra quiet” machine produces just 60 dc of noise.
  • Even though “quiet” it is powerful. It has 40 PSI at 3.8- CFM, 90 PSI @ 2.35 CFM.
  • The 6.3 gallon tank is horizontal and less likely to topple under weight of air.
  • The motor can run at 2 HP at peak


  • Definitely the quietness at 60 decibel will be the biggest pro. The drilling or nailing noise is loud enough already, hence, it is a boon to have the air compressor being the quieter kid.
  • Although it has a large tank of 6.3 gallon, its weight is pretty less compared to that. Light weight means easy to carry around in the jobsite.
  • There is less tear and wear on the motor when it is pretty noiseless.
  • An additional water trap can be beneficial in the long run.
  • Although it uses around 8 amps, voltage drop when using 100 ft away from power source is an issue with users
  • It isn’t clear how many power tools can work simultaneously. A 1 HP motor might not support heavier tools or more tools at the same time.
  • More powerful machines at lower rate is available in market
  • Although the company gives 1 year warranty it has some unclear restrictions.


California Air Tools Air Compressors are famous for their large tank and quietness. This model however takes the noise issue to a different level with just 60 decibel. This is the biggest reason for customer satisfaction which earns it more than a 3 star by 88% of Amazon customers. The company gets an A+ for their customer support which is a crucial aspect in small machine industry. However, there are also complaints of smell, air leaks, and radiator issues. Some also believe that oil free pumps don’t last long as quite a few buyers had the poor experience of the product lasting less than a year.

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