DEWALT D55146 200-PSI Hand Carry Compressor Review

DEWALT D55146 4-1/2-Gallon 200-PSI Hand Carry Compressor with Wheels

To withstand a tough work site environment, DEWALT brings to you D55146 air compressor with 4.5 Gallon capacity and a 200 PSI heavy duty performance.  This compressor is silent, productive and robustly built and it comes with wheels. Although it has a good weight it is easy to carry around due to the powerful wheels. The D55146 possesses two connections which allow customers to use up to 2 roofing nailers or 3 framing nailer equipment at the same time. Compact and solid, this compressor is suitable for big project carpenter crews as well as small framing carpenter and remodelers. The motor of this air compressor patented and offers high performance of a maximum pressure of 200 PSI with 5.0 SCFM @ 90 PSI. This unique compressor has a oil free pump reducing your maintenance woes and can be conveniently stored anywhere you like.  If you want raw power with low maintenance to give you max output, D55146 is your buddy.


  • As the name suggest this robust machine has an adjustable handle like a stroller, which makes it easy to carry around your project site.
  • Simultaneously 2 roofing nailer and 3 framing nailer can work with the help of this unit reducing your work time markedly.
  • This unit is versatile to say the least, as it is used by deck builders, remodelers, small framing or trim carpenters as well as large crews. It is built to withstand continuous nailing or stapling demand of a fast paced job site.
  • Moreover, this highly engineered device is durable giving worth for your money.


  • 5 HP motor
  • This device provides with 80% more usable air compared to others thanks to its 200PSI power.
  • The recovery time is quick after exhaustion of tank charge owing to its 5.0 SCFM @ 90 PSI.
  • 2 roofing nailer and 3 framing nailer can operate at the same time
  • Uses 120 Volt
  • 78 db noise, which is comparatively low in the industry
  • Collapsible handle and 10” non fat foam tire allows for super easy mobility
  • Longer pump life is provided by EHP efficient high pressure technology
  • 1 year warranty comes with a year’s service contract
  • Does not include air hose


  • The multiple options for using equipments at the same is definitely a plus point, as it increases output while decreasing time
  • The 200 PSI power lets a user utilize 80% more air than its rivals in the market – how cool is that?
  • Another high point is definitely the adjustable handle and big sturdy wheels which makes this apparently bulky machine highly mobile
  • 1 year warranty is common in the market. The bonus is the 1 year service contract.
  • The price, close to $700 can be an issue with users.
  • Although it has 200 PSI, the horse power is less than other competitors.
  • Anything over 70 db can be noisy for some customers.


The best judge for any product is the customers who have purchased and used it in reality. An Amazon customer review shows 78% of the customers have rated the DEWALT D55146 over 3 stars. The 200 PSI factor is definitely an eye catcher for customers. Most are happy with the portability of this device. However, there are 14% of customers who have given 1 star which should be discussed a bit. In most cases the product seems to be working fine for a month but trouble is cropping up after that. For example, there are issues with draining the condensation, breaking of pressure switch, handle, tilting of wheels. Some have complaint about the customer service not being as responsive as it claims to be. For a product worth near about $700 it is imperative to have a consistent good review to decide whether your money is worth investing. Making full use of the 1 year service contract is advisable.

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