Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor Review

Makita Mac 2400 big bore 2.5 hp


Makita’s model of MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP air compressor is a new favorite with customers. The MAC 2400 model is expected to outshine its rivals with features like a robust system of Intake Air Filter along with a lower rating of 1720 RPM and the virtually noiseless motor that needs only 12.3 amps to function.  To do away with the condensation residue in the tank, this model has a ball valve drain system that operates with a lever. In addition to that it offers 4.2CFM @ 90PSI. Makita 2400 has a longer life as the cast iron cylinder (which is removable) minimizes the depreciation in it, the heat dispersal is increased by the special finned discharge tubing and the moisture in the lines are erased as much as possible. Durability with superior quality and trusted operation is the reason Makita2400 is getting all the attention. The purchase includes 1/4-inch universal quick coupler and oil.

Product Features

  • For enhanced intake of air and better productiveness, an oil-lubricated pump and a big automotive designed filter is used in the MAC2400 model.
  • The best feature of this model is minimal noise which is made possible by the oil lubricated pump which makes the machine run at a fraction of RPM used by other competitive machines.
  • If there is a voltage drop or tripped breakers, chances of motor failure are high. However in Mac2400, this probability is minimized by the use of low AMP.
  • Additional protection and portability is provided by the roll bar handle.
  • Additionally, heat is dispersed more effectively by finned discharge tubing.
  • MAC2400 is easy maintenance owing to its tank drain valve, oil sight and glass oil drain.


  • 5 HP motor
  • MAC2400 is sufficient for two nailers given its capacity of 4.2 gallon twin-stacked tank which absorbs a functioning pressure of 130 PSI, yielding 4.8 CFM (40 PSI) and 4.2 CFM (90 PSI).
  • Heightened compression, quicker come back and minimal noise made possible by the cast iron cylinder. Under harsh work situation, the cylinders will be long lasting.
  • Extreme work site stress is withstood by MAC2400 as the Roll-cage construction safeguards against any damage.
  • Further motor safeguard provided by the built-in thermal overload.
  • year warranty and labor
  • 30 Day satisfaction guarantee, or else, return the unit and company will either replace or refund.


  • MAC2400 is virtually noiseless which gives peace of mind while working
  • The large capacity of air intake is noteworthy.
  • Protects your work environment against tripping and voltage drop which can be a nuisance for a pressed deadline.
  • Easy maintenance takes away a lot of stress.
  • The warranty is promising. Especially the 30 day Return Policy gives the impression of the confidence of the manufacturer.
  • The cons can be its bulky weight which some customers finds cumbersome and the price can be daunting to few, compared to other lighter and cheaper alternative found in the market.


90% of the customers who have purchased this product through Amazon have given it 5 or 4 stars. That says a lot. All the customers (even those with lower reviews) admit that its virtually noiseless feature makes it a hand down winner among other similar products. Though some has issues with the weight, most are satisfied with the 4.2 gallon tank capacity and its compact design and excused the bulk for its sheer raw power. The price range of this product is $300-500. Customers are willing to pay the price because of its high powered and oil lubricated pump and its long lasting reputation. The heat reducing finned discharge tubing seems to be working fine as it actually made quite a few customers happy who previously had the experience of burning with an accidental touch of the tube. Apart from some isolated issues of damaged delivery or mistaken manual, MAC2400 seems to go down well with air compressor customers in the industry.

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